Box Of Letters by James Scott Bullard And The Late Night Sweethearts on Big Mavis Music

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Classic country 70’s style EP. Four of the six songs feature female vocalists and two are duets reminiscent of Loretta and Conway. All six songs are flawless, perfect representations of country music. It may appear that this EP is overly melancholy, but it isn’t. I wouldn’t say it is totally uplifting; however, it doesn’t require a box of tissues either. A very worthy EP in 2016. Listen and get your own copy.

Elizabeth (Track 1) features Stephanie Fagan on co-vocals. Absolutely beautiful sad break up song where Bullard and Fagan switch off the vocal duties then converge on the choral parts. Yes, a little bit formulaic, but, this is the winning formula. Check out the video for Elizabeth, which happens to be the first single, here. First Thing On Your Mind (Track 2) is by Rebecca Morning. Another break up song but this time it the message is a little more course. It talks about using some alcohol and other substances to get over the girl. Even with all of the extra help, she will still be the first thing on your mind, so the song goes. True to that. Certainly most of us can relate to those sentiments. Another Heart (Track 3) sounds like Rebecca Mourning at vocal duties again, although she is not listed on the credits.

Chelsea (Track 4) has Bullard back doing vocals again. Another song about a woman. This time it is written to his girl before he is about to meet his maker. He is in trouble with the law and his days are numbered. He wants to see his love one more time before it all goes down. Heartache No More (Track 5) is self-explanatory. It is a really well-crafted song with good lyrics and strong vocals. The last track, Town Square, is another song about a woman. A sad ballad, but a great song, nonetheless.

James Scott Bullard sings from the heart and sings about his own life experiences including love, loss, death, and addiction. All themes seem to be represented on this EP. He is a poet and writes very smart songs that aren’t preachy or too matter of fact. Something tells me Bullard will soon be a household name in country music like Simpson and Price.


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