Guitararino by Tony Savarino on Isabelle Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is breaking a few rules I have. But that just goes to show that not everything can be judged by hard and fast rules. First, I try to review items that have been released within the past 12 months. This hasn’t. I tend to shy away from albums that are strictly instrumental other than jazz. This is an album of instrumentals. There is a little bit of speaking on Done Yet (Track 12) but this is 99% instrumental. SO having broken two of my rules, let me say something. This is a masterpiece performed by a guitar virtuoso. There isn’t any other way to say it. Tony Savarino’s playing is in the stratosphere with the legends. I don’t need to mention their names, but his playing holds up to the great ones.

All of the musical genres are represented on Guitararino. You got some blues, metal, jazz, ambient, swing, and country. Of course, I am more partial to the country tracks which really show Savarino’s ability to pick like a master. Fort Point Boogie (Track 1) comes out of the gate strong and is a true honky tonk number with an incredible riff that will be replaying in my mind for a long time. Other honky tonk tracks include the Montauk Boys (Track 8 ) and Under The Double Eagle (Track 10). India (Track 11) is a real psychedelic ambient face melter. Not a weak link in all of the 12 tracks on this. Buy it now! You won’t be sorry you did.

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