The Moon EP by Black River Pearl

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very heavy Stooges influence with a little Cheap Trick and maybe some Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin thrown in for good measure. Beautiful noise! Definitely hard rock but with good melodies. Black River Pearl is a rock band from Arkansas where the foothills meet the delta, formed in 2012. The Moon consists of four tracks that are heavy but still have good harmonious aspects to the songs. Track 1, Careless, comes out swinging. This song is one haymaker after the next then explodes into an uppercut that knocks you off your feet until you fight consciousness. I Know You Know (Track 2) is a funky number that starts off more with some jabs and body blows. It doesn’t hit you with the knockout blow, just a steady barrage of punches. More Than Friends (Track 3) shows the band softer side. It is a nice power pop number that really highlights the bands talents as musicians. Something’s Gonna Happen Tonight (Track 4) is another number on the power pop spectrum. Very nice song with a very punk attitude and great use of power cords and feedback. Very nice release from the boys from Arkansas. Bring on more music boys! My expectations are high now. Listen and buy their EP here. You can name your price!

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