Minstrels, Misfits & Melodies by Billy Jeter Parkstone & Friends

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very old timey yet current. Nothing fancy, just good simple music, great vocals, and solid songwriting. This is quite encouraging that there are people like Billy Jeter that still make wonderful music and put it out for us to hear. It’s out there, we just need to dig a little bit. Dig and you will be rewarded with a gem like Minstrels, Misfits & Melodies. This is for the love of the music and the need to make some art. This is the way music should be made!

I was just listening to the song Two Buck (Track 5) and the lyrics were mentioning seeing the Grateful Dead in 1974 when they had the wall of sound. It made me smile. Even the guitars in this number have a “Jerry” tone to them. They also perform All Around The World (Track 8 ) which is a traditional Appalachian number the Dead used to perform when they did acoustic sets. Lonesome Road Blues (Track 9) is another traditional number the Dead used to cover throughout their entire career. Then we circle back to Wabasseka Saturday Night (Track 5) which uses a musical saw. It sounds like the beginning and end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It reminds me of the end, never sit down! I digress. Back to Minstrels, Misfits & Melodies. Very enjoyable listen and one I will listen to again and again.Here is the place to listen and buy.

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