Pale Root (Self-Titled)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Absolutely beautiful music. It is “first listen” great. Pale Root is a duo made up of Aaron Freeman and Jordan Burris from Knoxville, Tennessee. Their voices and harmonies work so well together that it can make you cry. There are 10 songs on this album that I would describe as folk, country, and some slow core. Although the songs are a little on the slower-tempo side, they are not sad or depressing. In fact all of the songs are very upbeat. The sprinkling of guitars on each track and the perfect drum beats makes every song solid and a great listen. Sonically pleasing. Even some piano and keyboard that just add to the beauty. I also hear some Van Morrison thrown in the mix as well. A lot of the songs seem to be about love – either anticipating love or lost love. Either way, it works for this style of music. Freeman and Burris write beautiful music together and I urge you to listen. Once you do, you will be compelled to own this. Go to Amazon to listen and buy.


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