The Golden Age Of Silver Treason by Silver Treason

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Some people think 7 is a lucky number. I have a feeling the members of Silver Treason do since that is how long it took them to release their first album, The Golden Age Of Silver Treason. The name Silver Treason has very interesting origins. Kevin Cameron’s mother, in her teen years wanted to attend a Catholic High School named Holy Names Academy. Her parents could not afford the tuition to go there. One day she was at the horse races with her father who made a deal with her. She could pick a horse for the final race of the day, if it won, her father would split the winnings with her. You know the rest of the story, the horse won and paid $250. With her half of the money, Kevin’s mother was able to pay the school’s $100 tuition. The name of the horse was, you guessed it, Silver Treason. It is an unbelievable story. Can you believe tuition to a private school was $100? Me either.

The music is perfect classic country. Pedal steel and twang laden. The CD starts out strong with Brand New Same Old Me. Great vocals and songwriting. It does not let up wither track 2, Ballerina Eyes, a very upbeat number. Another great country tune. Crown Vic (Track 4) is another energetic number with great pedal steel and very high energy vocals. This is a very fast paced and up tempo CD. The only slower number on the CD is I Still Hear The Bells (Track 9). If you are looking for a melancholy album to drown your sorrows in, this isn’t it. If you are looking for a nice upbeat album, you have come to the right place. Very good indeed. You can listen to the entire album on Soundcloud here. Then buy in on Amazon.

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