Here’s… Diff And Dudley Featuring The Big Sirs by Diff And Dudley on Spinout Records

Reviewed By Harry Kaplan 

Wow! This is 70’s classic country at its best. And this music is being made now! Beautiful ballads and duets throughout this release. They traverse from Tex-Mex to honky tonk to classic country like old pros. Well, Diff and Dudley are old pros. They have had successful musical careers of their own but came together to release an album that would have sounded great in 1977 and sounds perfect in 2016! They take the best elements of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and George Jones to create a sound that while it pays tribute to the greats, is absolutely original. Lovely playing with plenty-o-twang.

I have listened to the entire CD, all 12 tracks, and there wasn’t a bad song on it. They are twangy and pure honky tonk numbers. I really love this. Good writing. Well the writing isn’t exactly highbrow, but it is clever and well written. Well take track 4 for instance, Weed. You can guess what it’s about. The chorus goes something like this: “Sit Down, Shut up, Smoke weed, I really think it’s just your speed, There’s just nothing to it, It’s a natural thing to do, And what’s good for me is probably good for you.” Obviously, these guys are staunch supporters of the marijuana lobby. Fall In Love Again (Track 1) is a Tex Mex ditty that is pristine. I could imagine this tune playing on a jukebox in a dusty little bar in West Texas. The vocals and harmonies and backing instruments make this a classic. Troubles (Track 10) is another lovely twangy crooner that could be on any honky tonk juke box anywhere. It just sounds right. You can buy it here.

Here are two fine songs from the album:


I’ll try



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