All Is Well by Roy Peak

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Punk and country meld together beautifully on All Is Well. Roy Peak has a voice similar to Mike Ness and it works extremely well on All Is Well. Peak has a gravelly and road worn voice that complements his words perfectly. Good writing and a unique singing style are the hallmarks of this release. Roy Peak is a veteran of the music biz, having been in numerous bands since the 1980s. All of this experience has paid off for Peak on his first solo release. He clearly understands the craft of songwriting and production. He also clearly knows his way around a recording studio.

Ohio (Track 2) is a song about the perils of the state and one he will never return to. Included in this track is a fantastic and noisy guitar solo reminiscent of The Stooges. Mean Girl Blues (Track 10) is another noisy song with Stooges style riffs and solos throughout. It is loud, cacophonous, and beautiful. Some of the quieter, slower tempo tunes includes Inside out (Track 11) and All Is Well (Track 12). This is a nice release by a truly unique artist. Take a listen here and make a purchase. 

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