Jeremy And Lynne & The Typical Johnsons live at Mulligan’s Pub – Piqua, OH September 22, 2016

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I was looking forward to seeing these folks live for about a month. After I heard their CD The Sailor And The Siren, I was immensely impressed. I was wondering how the recorded sound would translate into a live performance. I had some lofty expectations and they shattered them. It isn’t often that I know that a group has that “something” to make it to the next level. I can remember three times before when it happened: Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, and Sublime. I could tell that all three of those acts, while still playing on a small stage had the x factor to make it big. I felt that way seeing Jeremy And Lynne & The Typical Johnsons. The vocals, musicianship, and general band chemistry make it pretty evident to me that these guys are ready for prime time. Jeremy and Lynne are husband and wife and they have great chemistry on stage and their harmonies are heavenly. I got goose bumps a few times during their sets. Jeremy, the front man, is comfortable with an audience and knows how to engage a crowd. He gives commentary between songs and is also loose enough to exchange banter with the rest of the band.

Now for the music. Their live material is as good as any band out there today. Every song off their new CD is hit worthy for sure. Ohio Gone, which the band played beautifully, has garnered some attention and it isn’t difficult to see why. Seeing it live was really special.Inside My Head, as Jeremy explained, was written after he and Lynne’s first date. Seeing them sing it together live and harmonize gave me chills it was so awesome. The Lo-Fi Type, the first track off the Sailor And The Siren, was played for me. It did not disappoint. Jeremy and the rest of the band fed off each other and worked the song up into quite a frenzy. Lynne played a pretty ferocious mandolin.  

They played a lot more original material as well as some really great covers. These weren’t your garden variety cover songs, they were more obscure and played flawlessly. One other notable event of the evening was their playing of the song The Sailor And The SirenIt is about following your dreams, as Jeremy explained. I hope these guys follow their dreams and exceeded them. Thank you guys (and girl) for a memorable night! 

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