Devil With A Badge by Waywhilago

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Waywhilago consists of singer songwriter duo, Wendell Franks on acoustic and vocals and Shane Blalock on bass and vocals. These guys have been together for 20 years! Waywhilago also features Jeff Hill on lead electric, and Danyelle Bragwell Franks of on vocals. They all hail from Alabama and play their brand of southern rock and outlaw country with fervor and ferocity.

The first track on this album is called Shine about, you guessed it, moonshine. Certainly is a good start for an outlaw country record. “Pickin’ dust corn kernels and makin’ ‘em shine.” Sounds nice with a really authentic musical backdrop chock full of twangy guitars and fiddles. Yes fiddles! This is legit country. Track 2 is another drinking song called Drinking To Drive You Off My Mind. So 2 for 2 so far. Certainly adding up to a good outlaw country album. Come By It Honest (Track 5) is a great outlaw country ballad about the southern life. “Church pew on Sunday and guitar on Saturday night, I learned from my Daddy but momma is usually right.” The lyrics explains the southern experience in vivid detail. Sounds just like Waylon would have sung. Hell And Alabama in another fine song. The acoustic guitar intro plays perfectly into the vocals. This deals about going back home, wherever that home is. The next track, Long Time Since I’ve Been Home, is another number about longing for home. Great guitars and fiddles accentuate this song.

This is a great feel good outlaw country album. These guys and gals know how to play. Show them some respect and buy this great release on ITunes.

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