Transatlanticana by Bill Kirchen and Austin de Lone on Red House Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Bill Kirchen and Austin de Lone are both long time and esteemed veterans of the music business who came together to make one incredible album. This is rockabilly, honky tonk, classic country, bar band, and twang-o-rama. Kirchen and de Lone have been friends for 40 years or so. Based on this album, I wonder why it took so long for this partnership. Whatever the reasons, I am glad it occurred. These guys make beautiful music together. Perfect song arrangement and musicianship are hallmarks of Transatlanticana.

I have had the great pleasure of seeing Bill Kirchen live three times. He puts on one of the greatest rock and roll shows I have ever witnessed. He is immensely talented, having the ability to play multiple instruments. But, guitar is what he is known for and he is a virtuoso. He can play so many different styles flawlessly that it will make your head spin. I have heard him play honky tonk, rockabilly, blues, rock n’ roll, and punk rock in the same song. I don’t know why he isn’t listed up there with the guitar greats, but he should be. And Austin de Lone is no slouch on the keys. He knows how to get every bit of boogie woogie out of the ivory. This is a feel good album and deserves heavy airplay.

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