The Kitchen EP by Rebecca F. And The Memes

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

A cross between Mazzy Star and Cowboy Junkies. This is just my speed. Almost like 90’s alternative all hopped up on pedal steel. And did I mention that there is a female singer with a lovely voice? You probably figured that out by my comparison to Mazzy Star and Cowboy Junkies. I have a really smart audience. I can’t pull the wool over any of your eyes. I had never heard of Rebecca F. before so I did a little Google search and here is what came up:

“Raised on the northwest Illinois prairie and longtime resident of Chicago, Rebecca F. straddles the groove between city and country. Her bands Rebecca F. & The Memes, Night Jogger and Ghost Rat collectively comprise some of Chicago’s best talent including guitarist and pedal steel legend Brian Wilkie; bassists Mitch Straefferand Matt Ferguson; violinist Colin McGeehan; trumpet and harmonica player S. Bill Jordan; drummers Billy Rhythm, David Sims, Bill Hartwig and Tom Jasek; and artist, musician, singer and collaborator Tom Billings.”

Rebecca F.’s roots in the Chicago live music scene go back to 1998, when she stalked bustling venues to share her tunes. In 2000 her original songs caught the ear of R&B legend R. Kelly at the now-razed Chicago Trax Recording Studio, resulting in a development deal with the Grammy winner’s Rockland Records until 2002.”

Rebecca F. has been around for a while. Who knew? Now we do and I am glad. She has nice country style songs with intelligence and humor. And did I mention pedal steel? And twang? Perfect vocals for country. This is a great EP and I will say the mantra when I review an EP I like – I wish it was longer. Rebecca, don’t make us wait. Get back in the kitchen and cook up some more country treats for us to devour!

Listen and Buy The Kitchen.

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