Times Like This EP by The Listings

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Another winner! These guys from Rochester, Minnesota are awesome. They sound like a country version of the Afghan Whigs. They got the picking and the Americana sound down to a science. The Listings are: Evan Spee – Guitar, harmonica, and vocals; Jeremy Johanson – Bass guitar and vocals; & Cole Cameron – Drums and vocals. Due to the bitter cold Minnesota winters, I guess these guys have nothing else to do but practice, practice, practice. Indoors, I hope. Well, it appears all of that practice has paid off and started reaping dividends. The songwriting is top notch and compliments the vocals and playing perfectly. One thing that comes through on Times Like This is the tremendous chemistry between Spee, Johanson, and Cameron. Don’t listen to Allen Iverson, practice is a good thing. It certainly worked for The Listings and made them a well-oiled machine ready for game day, which is live shows. Yes, clearly these guys have the chops to play a breathtaking live set.

That’s On Me, the first track on Times Like This is a great alt-country ditty. Just great songwriting, vocals, and harmonies make this a wonderful song that I want to hear over and over. The songs seems to be about an old girlfriend that still lives in the home town while others have moved on with their lives. A tale told all too often, but The Listings make a great number out of this. Fields (Track 4) seems to really pay homage to the Afghan Whigs in their prime. In singing style and arrangement. And they do it justice. Another great song for sure. Can’t wait for a full length release from The Listings.

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