Blue Collar Bones & Busted Knuckles by Jason Springs

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I got an email today from Jason Springs giving me some praise for the website and asking me the process for submitting music. The process is simple, send me music and if I like it, I review it. It’s that simple. There is no committee or editing body that screens the music. I am the main writer, editor, and general webmaster. Anyway, I got to listen to Blue Collar Bones & Busted Knuckles and the first track, Danville In The Dust, blew me away.

WOW! The song starts off with a phenomenal blues guitar riff which morphs into a mini drum solo and then into the gritty vocals by Springs. He belts out the first line “I got a five spot says she ain’t goin’ home alone tonight.” And then more bluesy and loud guitar. Yes, I say! This is music. Springs does not let up as his vocals get grittier and a bit louder as the song goes on. He slows it down and lowers the volume a little during the chorus but that is only temporary as the song ends in a flurry of drums and guitar cacophony. Danville In The Dust is four minutes of some of the best rock and roll I have heard in a long time.

Starting off with a song like that is a blessing and a curse. A hard number to follow up. Well Springs delivers the goods with If I’m Lucky (Track 2). While not as rocking as Danville In The Dust, is still a great song. With plenty of Americana appeal. An autobiographical tune about Springs’ grandfather and having the same familial traits. What It Means To Be A Man (Track 9) is a thought provoking ballad about coming of age and becoming a man, both literally and figuratively. Springs sings this song with authority and really believes in the lyrics by the way he belts them out. A live performance must be really special if this much energy can transcend from a recording. I urge you to check this release out.

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