Drinking To Dream by Heather Littlefield

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very old timey music which is actually very timely. Heather Littlefield wrote all the songs on Drinking To Dream and they are fantastic. Most of the songs are about love gone wrong, cheating, or getting cheated on. Not the happiest of subjects but Heather sings the songs so beautifully that it won’t make you sad. In fact, I feel quite happy after listening to Drinking To Dream.

She also has quite a band supporting her. Obviously, this isn’t the band’s first rodeo or country record. They are some serious pickers, fiddlers, and pedal steelers. I tried to find some intel on Ms. Littlefield but my attempts were unsuccessful. There isn’t too much written at this point about Heather Littlefield, but I suspect there will be shortly. This record is a serious contender for country album of 2016 even though it was released late. She has the chops to be mentioned in the same breath as Price and Simpson, the current country music royalty.

Loneliness Is Easy (Track 2) starts out like one of the saddest country songs ever with plenty of sad sad pedal steel riffs to accentuate the melancholy mood. This is a song about loneliness being better than being in a very intense relationship. It is sad, but delivered so beautifully that it softens the blow. The expert singing and playing are so good that they are preventing me from crying.

If I Was A Cigarette (Track 6) is a tongue in cheek song about unrequited love and she laments that if she were booze or cigarettes, the man in question would pay more attention to her. A very clever and well presented song and it also sounds great. A trifecta.

You won’t hear these songs on the radio most likely. Which a terrible indictment of country radio these days. But don’t fret because you heard about Heather Littlefield right here. Now it is time to pony up and buy this fine release and support REAL country music.

Listen and buy Drinking To Dream

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  1. I agree! I listen to this album & dance around like I’m a teenager (I’m 75). Great new artist!

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