Drunk In The Bath by Greazy Alice

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

What’s in a name? I think a name is important because it is a first impression and consciously or not, we may have preconceived notions of something based on a name. Having said all that, throw all those prejudices and preconceived notions out the effin window. Greazy Alice is the real thing and they are an amazing band from New Orleans. It wouldn’t be my choice for a band name but I need to be more open minded, obviously. Because if I would have judged Greazy Alice based on name alone, I would have missed out on all of the joy like opening a present on Christmas (or Hannukah) morning. 

This EP definitely gave me that happy feeling like one gets when opening opening up a package, not knowing what’s inside. You tear open that wrapping paper, open up the box, and you discover the best gift ever. That’s how I feel right now. The best gift ever delivered by Greazy Alice. Trying to describe this musical style will be difficult since they cross many genres. The constant among all of the songs is above average song writing, playing, and singing. Quirky, as you would imagine with a name like Greazy Alice, but it is phenomenal.

If I had to try to explain their musical style or make a comparison, I would say a cross between Camper Van Beethoven and Tom Waits. They use humor and off kilter lyrics a lot but in the end, the songs are great and accessible. Some of the lyrical content I don’t understand, I think some are inside jokes or regional humor that I am not privy to. In any case, the lyrics still work and sound intelligent. 

Percocet And Fishing (Track 8) is a perfect example of a quirky song that is absolutely stellar. Who would think of taking percocet and going fishing? Greazy Alice, that’s who! I have drank some beers and gone fishing but never tried percocet and fishing. I will pass on that one I think. But, a unique idea just the same and it makes for a great song with an amazing guitar solo at the conclusion. Talking Bullshit (Track 7) is another somewhat humorous song about shooting the shit with your friends. Just talking nonsense, but it is still a critical part of a good friendship. Sunflower Garden (Track 2) is a more subdued song about building a wall between neighbors so the neighbor’s can’t see what is going on. 

I am absolutely obsessed with this release. My expectations are very high now for Greazy Alice. This release is so good, that I am expecting something really special for their next offering. A high bar, indeed. I have faith in Greazy Alice that they will deliver. You should really pony up for this one. 

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