Holy Magnolia by The Wabash Cannonballs

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

WOW! Another awesome release. This is the Cannonball’s first full length release since 2007’s Disraeli Beers. They outdid themselves on this one. They got that bluesy, country, rock n roll swagger thing down. Right out of the gate is Junk City, a really raucous rock and roll number that is filthy dirty and beautiful. This tune was meant to be played really effin loud. And played over and over again. 

There are quite a few bands out there named the Wabash Cannonballs, but this outfit hails from Chicago. The line up consists of Gary Camaro – Guitars/Throat, Jonny Two Socks – Lead Drums, Mickey Big Mouth – Bass Guitar, and Patrick Slade – The Good Guitar Player. These guys are well versed in the blues, country, and rock and roll. They also seem like they may be up for a little hijinx and chicanery. Just a hunch I get when I listen to their music. For some reason, I feel like this listen isn’t complete unless some alcohol is involved.

The Sad Travels Of Chesterfield Slim (Track 4) is another lovely number from the Cannonballs. It has a good rock n roll feel to it, but also a really nice vaudeville feel about it. This tune makes me wanna kick my legs up and down, rockette’s style. I don’t know why, just a feeling I get. Definitely has a Stones feel to it as well. Let’s just say it is a great tune and leave it at that.

Holy Magnolia ends the way it started on a really high, energetic note. The last track, Bringing You Down, is a very loud and somewhat irreverent tune. Another song that begs to be played loud. This album is everything rock and roll should be. Again, you heard it here first folks. Hopefully not the last time you hear about The Wabash Cannonballs out of Chicago. 

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