Black Cadillac Kings EP (Self Titled)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice southern rock/blues offering from these cats from Klamath Falls, Oregon. Also a nice smattering of rockabilly thrown in for good measure. This five song EP is a rocker and these fellas know how to make some noise! This is a studio album but has the sound and feel of a live performance. The Kings are made up of the following members: Shane Anthony Thornton – Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting, Producer, Engineer, Harmonica; Vic Picks – Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Electric Guitar,Banjo, Vocals, Songwriting; Chris Garrett – Drums,Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Songwriting; Dean Oliver – Bass,Stand Up Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin. 

The first song on this self titled EP is named appropriately, Black Cadillac Kings and it is a rockabilly rocker that makes you want to tap your foot. It’s about being an unapologetic rocker and taking no prisoners. I get the sense that as good as they are on record, they are a live band. This music seems to be loud and full of attitude. That seems t lend itself better to a live performance than an album. Well, I guess the EP will have to do until they come east or I go out west and see these rockers out in Oregon. 

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  1. Thanks Harry, we really appreciate the kind words and having us on your blog. Looking forward to rocking near you soon!
    We have a new 5song EP due out this early winter call 2nd Gear.
    Best always,
    Shane Thornton
    Black Cadillac Kings

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