Gunshots & Gavels by Jeremy David Baker on Green Shoe Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice EP by Mr. Baker. Expert melding of country and alternative. Jeremy has a great voice and perfect vision as a songwriter. These songs are much more textured and symphonic than your normal country songs. Yes, Jeremy David Baker is a cut above when it comes to song construction. One listen and you will be able to hear the difference. Just the instrumentation and the blending of different sounds will let you know that this is no ordinary release. I am quite surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention because it definitely has that “it” factor. 

Soaked Again (Track 3) is a gorgeous number that kind of reminds me of I’m On Fire by The Boss. The cadence and the lyrical delivery is very similar, but definitely not even close to the same song. This song really showcases Jeremy David Baker’s talent as a singer and composer. Composer is not a term I would throw around lightly, but these songs are so pristine and well crafted, it is similar to an orchestral experience. Paint The World Red (Track 1) is another beautiful number which is a little bit on the melancholy side. But it is delivered in such an amazing way that listening to this song actually made me shake my head in disbelief at how good it is. The instrument fills and production work is a 10 out of 10. Jeremy David Baker could be headed for the stratosphere, Listen and surely you will see what I mean. Spectacular!

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