Denver Delay EP by Chella And The Charm

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is Denver style country music. There is definitely a Denver sound to country music and this fits in nicely with 16 Horsepower and Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. Great female vocals with a lot of twang and eerie pedal steel accents. I would definitely put this on the quirky side, and 100% original and unique.  What Of Dreams is a beautiful number that I have listened to 4 times already. Make it five times. I know I need to listen to the rest and I will, but this song is so good. It is hard to get past this one.

Who are Chella And The Charm? Funny you should ask… They are: Chella Negro – Vocals, Guitar, Dave Pinto – Pedal Steel, Melanie Karnopp – Drums, and Jason Leija – Bass. I read their bio to get some intel on the band for their review and their bio is clever and funny. Under the Band Interests section it states, “We’re extremely interested in you. Like, in an uncomfortable way.” Under Influences, Chella And The Charm state the following, “trains, whiskey, broken hearts, PBR Tallboys and the Lord’. I think they definitely have all of their bases covered. That is a very comprehensive list. 

Getting back to the music, I am now on track 6 – Mad Max. It is another song that I fancy quite a bit. Again, it’s got wailing vocals and pedal steel all over it. Not your typical country song, this one is about the sci fi character Mad Max and clocks in at six minutes. A very fast six minutes I might add. This is a very promising EP for the future of Chella And The Charm and I hope to see a full length release from them ASAP!

Listen and buy Denver Delay.

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