Exploits Of The Bear Hunter EP by Big State

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice bar band style Americana a la Old 97s. Nothing even remotely wrong with that. If I didn’t know better I would have thought Ballad Of Davy Crockett, Pt. 2 was an Old 97s song. But since it is on Big State’s EP, I am pretty sure it isn’t. Definitely guitar driven and loud country music. A little on the rowdy side. Something that gets me moving.

Big State is a four piece from Austin, Texas consisting of James Brinkman on vocals and guitar; Tim Brown on drums and vocals; Pat Conreaux on bass and vocals; and Aaron Seymour on guitar and vocals. Great harmonies are heard throughout this EP. They even do a very nice acapella intro on the opening track Make America Shake Again. This seems to be a somewhat political song about not being political at all. Clever lyrics, great vocals and great playing. You don’t usually hear acapella on alt country tunes, but it works quite well. This is another number heavily inspired by the Old 97s. Big State are quite prolific, having release a full length album and two EPs in 2016. I winder what is in store for 2017? Whatever it is, I am excited!

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