Hearts And Arrows by Isabel & The Uncommons

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I love a good inspirational story and Isabel Fryszberg is just that. She is an occupational therapist, a visual artist, musician, and singer songwriter. When does she have time to sleep? That is a full dance for sure. She also was involved in a project by The Social Mystics called Coming Out Of Darkness.  The Social Mystics features music created by individuals living with severe and persistent mental illness and/or addictions at the Creative Works Studio at St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. So in addition to being a talented artist and musician, she is also an advocate for those dealing with addiction and mental illness. I like rooting for people like Isabel, she is a true role model. 

Sometime in the midst of all of this, Isabel had the time to release an album called Hearts And Arrows with her band, Isabel & The Uncommons. Her music is self described as jazz tinged country-folk-pop. I think that is a very apt description. Add a little bit of Stevie Nicks and I think you got a good description there. Isabel’s vocals are soft and beautiful like a nice warm blanket. Her lyrics are smart and well written. She also has a knack for composing songs. All of the songs on Hearts And Arrows are extremely well crafted and well produced. The backing vocals compliment Isabel’s luscious voice perfectly. A great album that will be in heavy rotation on my music player. Check it out for yourself. 

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