As Long As We’re Dancing by The Greg Harrison Band

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

This is my second review of West Virginia talent. The first was Ryan Cain & The Ables and now The Greg Harrison Band. Not a huge sample size, but a good indicator that West Virginia has a good core of musicians. This one is hard to put a description on, but I will do my best. Some Skynyrd, Zeppelin, and Allman Brothers. Definitely some strong southern rock and country accents as well as a good base in the blues. Really nice guitar work as well. Actually, great guitar work. The leads are definitely better than your standard blues guitar riffs. John Bonnett is the lead guitarist and he is a good one. Greg Harrison on guitar, Sam Nesbitt on bass, and Zack Lilley on drums round out the band.

The title track, As Long As We’re Dancing is a very catchy number that has crowd appeal. A little funky and a little bluesy makes this one easily to listen to. Out of he ten songs on this album As Long As We’re Dancing and Sevil Woman are my favorites so far. There is still time and I am sure as I listen, others will be added to the list. I like what I hear from The Greg Harrison Band. Give it a listen, I think you will like it for sure.

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