Get Back by Sit Sit Stay

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I like loud, noisy, rock infused, country influenced music. How is that for a list? Sit Sit Stay definitely meets all of those requirements.They sound like a cross between Uncle Tupelo and The Bottle Rockets. Not a bad combination to be compared to. And Sit Sit Stay lives up to the comparisons. Great noisy guitars fills with great vocals, some harmonica, and stellar harmonies. Memphis Train gets the party rolling. A very nice country infused rock and roll song that could be considered part punk, part country, and part southern rock. All aspects of this song are good but the harmonies for me rank #1. 

The second song, Get Back, is another rocker. The guitar parts on this number have some Stooges/Velvet Underground/Feelies sound to them. That is a winning triple in my book. The vocals are definitely more country than punk, but it all works quite nicely together. Just enough aggression and angst where it is still very easy on the ears. Sit Sit Stay does a great job moving in and out through musical genres seamlessly. They do it so well that they create something unique to them. Give it a listen…..

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