Home EP by Chyomin

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Whoa Nelly! Sometimes I break from the country and Americana genre when something is worthy of doing so. Home by Chyomin (pronounced shy-o-min) is quite worthy. They are self described as a dirty blues trio from Chicago. They have been together as a band a little over a year. But have a combined 30 years of musical experience. So these guys are far from rookies. Their music is quite dirty, but in the best possible way. Not profane, just dirty. This EP will leave you shaking your head. First you will shake it from side to side at just how grand these cats are. Then you will start shaking it up and down to groove with the music. Listening to this is  a religious experience. I feel spiritually cleansed after listening to Home many times. It is only four songs, but all of these songs kick major ass. I want to hear more from these fellas. If this is any indicator of future events, their next release in going to be as hot as molten steel. 

Listen to their tracks and watch thier official video for Growin’

Buy Home


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