Girly Drinks by Weedhawks

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Can music be humorous and still be considered timeless and meaningful? I say yes. Look at performers such as Todd Snider, John Prine, The Replacements, The Drive By Truckers, and Bob Dylan. All the aforementioned are able to successfully insert humor in their music without making it trite or gimmicky. It is not easy to do. Just ask Ray Stevens, a regular on the Doctor Demento show.

It really is a tight rope walk. If it is too funny, the joke could be on you. Weedhawk does not have that problem. Their songs are humorous and downright funny. But, they are also well written, intelligent, and thought provoking. They have self-applied the name hillbilly music. I can call it that bot only in the most affectionate and endearing way.

Although the music is acoustic, you won’t miss electric guitars or keyboards. They are such good musicians that they can fill a song successfully with acoustic guitars, violins, mandolins, and harmonicas. All of the 17 songs are extremely entertaining and very well played.

That would make sense, considering the makeup of this duo. Ruby Jean, who plays violin, mandolin and sings, was an up and coming symphony violinist. Bobby Lane, who play guitar, harmonica, and sings was a musician who was a dish washer to make ends meet. Ruby Jean moved in with Bobby Lane and they have been together playing quirky and infectious music ever since. 

The album Girly Drinks is a real easy listen. It will make you think and it will make you smile. With song titles like Girly Drinks, Ass Kissing Time, Drink Beer and Smoke Cigarettes, Psychedelic Funeral, and Dishdog, how could you not smile?

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