Transmitter Blues by Morgan Haner

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

WOW! Something about Morgan Haner touched my soul immediately. His music is hard to describe. Definitely some folk elements, but also has a good bit of noise and distortion at times. The dissonance is controlled enough to actually act as another instrument. It is exquisite in presentation and Haner has the ability to pull away and restrain himself at just the right moment. Morgan Haner is also a sound engineer and that skill set is displayed prominently on Transmitter  Blues. You may not know what good sound engineering sounds like, but you will know when it is absent. It is clearly present on this release and that adds to the satisfaction of these great tracks.

These songs have a tinge of sadness  and a melancholy mood that is present throughout. Although a bit on the sad side, it is far from depressing. On the contrary, these songs are dynamic and a joy to listen to. In the vein of John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, and even a little bit of Leonard Cohen. While Haner may not be in the league of those three just yet, his songwriting ability is not too shabby. He is great at observation and has the keen ability to turn stories and experiences into words and music. Profound music. This collection of 15 songs is definitely worthy of your attention.

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