Heavy Meta by Ron Gallo on New West Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Brand spankin’ new album from Philly rocker Ron Gallo. This guy knows how to get maximum groove out of his music. It is full of noise and distortion, but it is used in a way where it is not overwhelming. His voice is angry and full of angst, but he tempers that anger with some elements of softness that make this collection of songs absolutely brilliant. Gallo described himself as a psychopath on stage. I can only imagine what that must be like, because he is an absolute beast on Heavy Meta. Having that unbridled energy come through loud and clear is a true gift and not an easy feat on a studio album.

Ron Gallo has the stuff to make it big. If you are going to see him live, I would suggest going in short order. Otherwise, you will be seeing him in a very large venue, not nearly as intimate as the smaller rooms he is playing now. Mr. Gallo is definitely destined for greatness. 

If you mix late 60 psychedelia with The Stooges and MC5, that will give a pretty accurate representation of what you are in for. In addition, Gallo, also inserts a bit of Americana and twang into his music. 

The first song on this collection, Young lady You’re Scaring Me is a perfect example of the MC5/Stooges/Psychedelic style (watch the video here). The song is about a woman who is a bit psycho and the music and words are perfect for the subject matter. In the video, you get a good sense of Ron Gallo’s frenetic playing style. The way he moves around and knocks over microphones, it must be hard to be a member of his road crew. 

Gallo can also play soft and still convey that energy and bravado. Started A War (Track 9) is just one of those numbers. It begins with a very heavy and slow psychedelic guitar riff. Gallo’s lyrics soon follow and tell the tale of a romance gone wrong, at least for the time being.

The rain it did pour,
She’s storming out the door,
Slamming her boots against the floor,
She’s doing everything with force,
I started a war,
And all I said was nothing.

She caught me at a bad time,
Didn’t like what was on my mind,
She criticized for my crimes,
La di da da di da da di die,
I started a war,
And all I said was nothing.

Even this song still contains a blazing Gallo guitar solo that fits perfectly in this number.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say this one will be one of the best of 2017. It is compelling me already to listen over and over. I am sure you will agree.

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