Afortunado Diablo by Bad Luck Kitty

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

These fellas from New Castle – New South Wales, Australia have it down. They got the perfect sound and timing for this rockabilly thang they got going on. They play loud, fast, and clean. This music isn’t breaking new ground, but it sure is fun and enjoyable to listen to. You can certainly get that old rock and roll feeling but these guys have modernized their sound to make it a little edgier. You can definitely hear the Stray Cats in their music; however, the vocals are quite different. The playing is a little bit more aggressive as well.

Bad Luck Kitty has been together since 2015 and they haven’t wasted any time. In those two years, they have released an EP and their first full length album, Afortunato Diablo. Bad Luck Kitty bring Rockabilly to a whole new level, injecting rambunctious lyrics into AC/DC styled guitar riffs. All delivered with energy and gusto. The three guys that make up Bad Luck Kitty are: Adam Gear- Guitar/ Vocals; Rusty Rebel- Double Bass; and, Tom Blake (Tommy Gun)- Stand up Drums/ Vocals. They make a lot of racket for a three piece.

As loud and vivacious as these guys sound on vinyl pales in comparison to their live performances. The leather jacket clad three piece with 50s slicked back hair can play their asses off with the best of them. They are also not afraid to play loud and a little sloppy. One thing is for sure, you will be tired and sweaty and maybe a little banged up after a Bad Luck Kitty show. But you have lived to tell the story. Spread the word…..

Listen and buy Afortnado Diablo on Bandcamp

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