Tobacco Jones (Self Titled)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Wow! Mr. Jones is a heavy hitter. His music is sublime with very thought provoking lyrics being delivered by a raspy but tuneful voice. He is also a great guitar player and it really enhances his singing. Some of these solo troubadours play guitar just well enough to get by. But Mr. Jones is a very fine picker and his playing actually adds a very nice element to his wonderful songs.

I hear a good bit of Dylan and Townes Van Zandt in Tobacco Jones’ songs. That is a very powerful duo. Some of the lyric delivery certainly has that Bob Dylan timing and cadence. But the songs themselves, are written in a very somber style ala Townes Van Zandt. Yes, these songs have a tinge of sadness peppered all over them. No one wrote sad songs like Master Townes, but Tobacco Jones is certainly on the right path. Writing very intelligent songs about lost love, alcoholism, loneliness, and sadness. It isn’t an easy feat to write powerful songs about such morose topics, but Mr. Jones knows what he is doing. 

This album of 14 tracks is absolutely wonderful and should be one that is listened to for a very long time. This collection should have longevity. It is that good. I have listened three times during this writing and I have a feeling there will be more listens in the near future. I hope Mr. Jones keep with it because I see the potential for greatness. Time will tell but I am putting my money on Mr. Jones. Care to make a small wager?

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