Full Moon Light (Self Titled)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

I am a sucker for a good cover song. Not just a copy, though. It has to resemble the original, but be distinctive enough to stand on its own. That can be a tall order for songs that are considered classics. That’s because we have these songs deeply etched in our memories and subconscious. When I hear such a song, it usually blows me away. That was the case with Full Moon Light’s version of Angel From Montgomery (Track 8). Everyone is familiar with the John Prine original and the Bonnie Raitt cover, but this version by Full Moon Light will give them a run for their money. The chorus almost has a heavy metal anthem feel to it, but it works oh so well.

Now let’s get to the group. Full Moon Light is a five piece country outfit from around San Diego, CA. They are: Riley Murphy – guitar/vocals; Antone Findahl – guitar/vocals; Mike Link – drums/vocals; Matt Pitman – bass; and, Ryan Vernazza – lead guitar. These guys are a true professional band. They are expert players yet they keep it very loose and they clearly have a good time doing what they love to do. It shows in their music very prominently.

Their music is self described as “Americana Funk & Country style with a taste of Southern Rock, Folk, Reggae, and Jazz”. I think they have all of the food groups represented on paper. They really do touch all of these genres in their songs. Even a little bit of Flamenca guitar on The Price (Track 10). They also throw in a little Reggae on that track as well. They remind me a little bit of Sublime if Sublime was a county band. 

Another phenomenal grass roots collection of country tunes from an amazing band that adheres to the DIY philosophy. I am quite amazed by the talent and quality of this release. I expect big things from Full Moon Light as well. They raised the bar pretty high, but I have faith that they can match this self titled release.

Listen and buy the self titled release by Full Moon Light on Bandcamp

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