Music House by Roddan

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Roddan has a very nice country/Americana voice. It is distinctive and does not really sound like anyone that I can put my finger on. Roddan’s voice is quite melodic but had some of that country raspiness and drawl that is a trademark of the genre. I definitely hear the originality in Music House. I also hear many many really fine songs that are well written and intelligent. 

I like songs, as you all know with great harmonies and good interplay between a male and female voice. My prayers have been answered with Bitter Pill (Track 3). 

This is a really nice country song teeming with fiddles. The singing parts with Roddan and Patricia Vonne are magnificent. Vonne’s higher octave parts blend so nicely with Roddan hitting the lower notes. They blend together so well like the red and white in a Christmas candy cane. The two colors are distinct, but they create one flavor together. The song is about love gone bad, and the lyrics are wonderfully juxtaposed with the upbeat and uptempo music.

Cross To Bear (Track 1) has a nice electric feel to it and an Allman Brothers vibe running through it. 

The lyrics are quite powerful and speaks openly about mistakes made. The dual vocals have great interplay between the male/female harmonies. The voices balance so well together and bland beautifully. 

This is a great album from a very talented singer/songwriter. So much great music, so little time. It is a good dilemma to have. I will make sure to work Roddan into a regular rotation.  

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