Boomtown Ghosts by Pint And A Half

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

It seems like the husband and wife Americana duo is more popular that ever. There was George and Tammy, Johnny and June, and now there are at least eight I can name off of the top of my head. The music of the eight are all great and Pint And A Half is another entry in that ever growing list. Formed in 2014, Pint and a Half is Duke and Tami Sheppard. The make their home in Colorado and play a lot of shows in their home state as well as surrounding states. 

I would describe their music as folk mixed with a healthy dose of classic country. Both Sheppard’s voices blend so nicely together it makes for some good ear candy. This is the sophomore album from this duo and it really shows their maturation as musicians, song writers, and composers. The songs are about topics we can all relate to. Themes such rambling, money, depression, and love. Through all of the trials and tribulations, this couple can weather the storm. 

Three Cords And A Roof (Track 3) is a song about not having much money, but they have so much more. Love really does conquer all, well almost all. Three Chords And A Roof states all this couple needs is music, a houses, and love for each other. It is a nice concept and The Sheppard’s practice what they preach. It is inspiring.

The opening track, Drive Drive Drive is a very good choice for an opener. It is upbeat and showcases the Sheppard’s very lovely voices. This is a song about rambling and getting out of dodge after a fight. It definitely resonates with me because there are times where the only way I can clear my head is to get in the car and drive. It can be a very cathartic experience. Pint And A Half capture those sentiments perfectly. 

I have a feeling that Pint And A Half will expand their touring territory this year and beyond based on the strength of Boomtown Ghosts. This is a very beautiful and peaceful album that can be played over and over and each time making a new discovery. If you like easy and free flowing Americana music, Pint And A Half is definitely got you. 

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