Dirty Pictures, Pt. 1 by Low Cut Connie on Contender Records

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan
I am going to delve right into the music. I will get to the band in a jiffy, but a song just floored me so much, it deserves top billing. Revolution Rock And Roll (Track 1) is a song for the ages. I keep hitting repeat on this track. It starts off with a little boogie woogie piano part that blends nicely into the vocals. Then, the magic happens at 34 seconds in. One of the most incredible transitions I have ever heard in rock and roll. Just completely stellar and breathtaking. The vocals are some of the most pitch perfect vocals I have ever heard. Oh, and did I mention lyrics? They are profound and heady. Real rock and roll!
Even some of the low brow lyrics seem to delivered in such a professional and clever way that they are elevated. Low brow on this plate = intelligence and sophistication. It’s all in the delivery and Low Cut Connie delivers like UPS in a snowstorm. They effin deliver!
Let’s talk Track 2 – Dirty Water, shall we. Another rock and roll ditty that starts off with a catchy piano part and quickly bakes right into the guitar. A little bit of a Bang A Gong riff and right into the lead vocals:
Keep bettin’ on red now baby,
‘Till we run out of money,
Keep tellin’ that same dumb joke,
‘Till we both think it’s funny.  
Then, another amazing chorus that totally times it perfectly and delivers a powerful vocal chorus that it is as good as it gets. I may go through every song on this album. 
At Track 3, Death And Destruction, I was transfixed. This is an old time rock and roll song mixed with some 1977 punk and a little Replacements’ irreverence. I could see this song being a mega hit. The electric guitar parts totally solidify this song. Brilliance.
The rest of Dirty Pictures, Pt. 1 is every bit as good as the three songs I just showcased. I really could mention every song, but I decided to go for the executive summary. There are no surprises here any of the songs you listen to will turn up triple sevens. 
Let’s get to the band behind the sound. These guys are from Philadelphia, PA and have been honing their skills since 2010. They play a boatload of live shows every year and as good as they are the album, they are even better live. They are TNT in a live setting. The albums is only one stick of dynamite. They are: Adam Weiner, piano/lead vocals; James Everhart, guitar; Will Donnelly, rhythm guitar; Larry Scotton, drums; and, Lucas Rinz, bass.
This is a very strong album and should put Low Cut Connie on everyone’s radar.These guys are legit and Adam Weiner is a bonafide front man. If you don’t purchase any music for the rest of the year, you need to purchase this one. And go see them live!
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