The High Country by Alex Culbreth

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Super talented artist that is a one man band on the road. He plays guitar, drums, and sings all at once. It really is something to see. Some artists have trouble playing guitar and singing simultaneously. Add a drum to that and you have something that is nearly impossible to replicate, let alone excel at. Alex can do it and do it well. Who needs a band, when you can do it all. Alex hails from Fredericksburg, VA, but he is always out on the road, playing. Honing his skills as a troubadour extraordinaire. 

Alex describes his music as country and folk. I think delta blues is another descriptor to add. Alex is a delta blues man in the truest sense of the word, some of his songs are written about liquor and sex, not necessarily in that order. The music itself is mainly acoustic guitar and is very much blues in nature. 

Culbreth is a very talented writer, as The High Country contains 11 original tunes. The tunes are very well written and expertly performed. Take the classic in the making PBR, Whiskey And Pot (Track 5). This is a really well crafted outlaw country song that could be played at any honky tonk worth it’s salt. I just hit rewind.

If you like upbeat, country blues with a punk rock vein running through it, than I suspect you will enjoy Tear It Up (Track 7). This song is a real head banger and should not be listened to sitting down. Don’t fight the urge to move. 

I like to think I am a pretty good judge of talent. When I heard Weather The Storm (Track 8), I knew that Alex Culbreth has what it takes to make it big: a great performance presence, well written songs, and a great blues voice. And he does not mind being in the road, In fact, he is always on the road. This is his calling in life and he had the talent to back it up. Show Alex some love and buy this fine CD.

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