Blue Shift by Echo Bloom on Songs & Whispers

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Blue Shift is a live album and was released along with another live album entitled Red Shift. For a live album, this is recorded flawlessly. Without the audience applause, there is no other indication that this was recorded live. The songs are sung and played so well, it sounds like a studio recording. Echo Bloom is more of an even than a musical group. Their music is full of surprises. The music is extremely rich and symphonic. At times it is more akin to opera than rock music. 

This album evokes a peaceful vibe that is impossible to dodge. It passes over you like storm clouds in summer time. Each song is more beautiful than the preceding song. All of the songs are very rhythmic, hypnotic, and infectious. And did I mention comforting? These songs feel like a warm blanket.

Kyle Evans is the founder of Echo Bloom and has three other permanent members: Aviva Jaye, Cody Rahn, and Alex Minier. There are also players that occasionally play: Josh Grove and Steve Sasso. They hail from Brooklyn, New York.

The imagery on the album and on the songs are pretty heavy on the religion. It is not offensive or pushy in any way, it just seems to be front and center. It does make sense because the music has that very airy, heavenly feeling to it. 

If you are looking for an early favorite, I am a bit hooked on The Prostitute (Goodbye Savannah – Track 5). This is a  very somber number that is very sad, yet peaceful at the same time. The guitars are spacey and completely atmospheric, giving it that free flowing feeling.

This is a very talented band that deserves some serious attention. I could see these guys making a major splash in the next year or so. The music definitely warrants it. Give it a chance and a listen.

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