Gone by The Mojo Gurus

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Raw, raucous, good time party music. The music is upbeat and just downright fun. Lots of funk and pretty awesome guitar licks. They have picked up a lot of elements from other bands and seem to blend them nicely in their sound.

I hear some Ramones power chords, Skynyrd boogie woogie, some Grateful Dead jamming, Phil Lesh style bass, and some heavy Funkadelic influence. The Mojo Gurus know their sweet spot and they are able to stay within those boundaries. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

The Mojo Gurus are from St. Petersburg, Florida. The lineup consists of Kevin Steele (lead vocals, harmonica), Doc Lovett (guitar, vocals), Vinnie Granese (bass, vocals) and Sean Doyle (drums and vocals). Kevin Steele’s vocals are unique, to say the least. His voice is on the higher end of the scale and is different than almost anyone I can think of out there today. Steele’s vocals reminds me a bit of the late Colonel Bruce Hampton (RIP). 

So if southern rock is your thing, Gone will make you happy. Roll With Me Sister (Track 11) is southern rock gold. It has great rock and roll piano in the background (and foreground) and a great southern rock vibe that is so strong it is tangible. This song is an instant crowd mover and will get everyone on their feet dancing like maniacs. 

So if you like a good musical work out, you will love this. The Mojo Gurus are a tour de force. Their music will make you smile and make you dance.

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