Naked And Falling by White Owl Red

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very spacey and atmospheric. Yet, also very country in the good sense of the word. A little bit Chris Isaac and a little bit of The Byrds. A very healthy mix of country and psychedelia. J. Josef McManus is the singer/songwriter behind White Owl Red. This is the San Francisco based band’s second album. It is absolutely gorgeous.

If The Head And The Heart made it big, there is no reason that White Owl Red shouldn’t hit the stratosphere. This music doesn’t just entertain, it transports. Listening causes the user to daydream and forget about yer troubles for a while. Naked And Falling is all encompassing music. J. Joseph McManus has a truly heavenly voice. 

If there is one song on here that has serious hit potential it is Falls Like Rain (Track 3). This song is a stunner from the opening note to the closing. In between is something magical that doesn’t always happen, but when it does, boom! The chorus is absolutely divine. It is so profound, I got the chills in summertime.

There is a very melancholy and sentimental song on the album entitled Alcoholic Stepmom (Track 7).  It isn’t just a mean spirited song about a bad parent. This is more of a heartfelt tribute than a song railing on someone. 

They're ain't nuthin' wrong
With my alcoholic stepmom
She's got a damn good heart
It's tearin' itself apart.

This is a serious tearjerker. McManus wrote and sings this with a profound sadness and concern for the protagonist. I needed two tissues to get through this song.

Naked And Falling isn’t just good, it is great. The writing, singing, backing vocals, and instrumentation is perfection. It will make you want to escape for just a little bit longer.

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