Tales of Treachery & The Nefarious Deeds of The Scurrilous Resurrection Men! by Thee Wylde Oscars

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Alright, I admit it, I didn’t type the title, I copied and pasted. It’s just too long and copy and paste was so much easier. So now you know. The title is quite a mouthful. To tell you the truth, the album cover is so damn amazing that the title size changes very little. Just from the look and feel alone, this is absolutely beautiful on the surface. The million dollar question is does the music live up the the great visual arts? And the answer is a solid yes. 

The cover suggests b movie horror flicks, garage rock, surf rock, rockabilly, and some punk. And the music backs that up perfectly. At least in this instance, you can tell an album by it’s cover. Although it fits into those genres, these Australian fellas are top notch musicians and players. Probably not a bigger deal in the states because of the distance. After this review, Thee Wylde Oscars maybe a household phrase.

Take Gonna Be Alright (Track 3) for instance. A psychedelic/rockabilly symphony. It’s got a hard edge with the guitar and drums, but the vocals have quite a calming effect. It does sound like a song you may hear in b horror movie or a motorcycle gang movie. But it also sounds really good on headphones. This is an example of taking something old and making it it current again. 

Rosalita (Track 7) is another song that could be from a former era. This sounds like a late 50s rock and roll number. Nothing fancy, just a boy singing that he wants Rosalita to be his girl. No new ground, lyrically, but this is still a great song in its simplicity. Sometimes less is more. And all the parts work in tandem to make the Chuck Berry-esque song a potential classic. 

This is another must have. There have been so many this year. I have said that a lot. This is a must have, if you exceeded your music buying budget, return something to make room for this. The purchase on Bandcamp is in Australian Dollars, so not only will you get great music, but you get a lesson in foreign exchange. 

Listen and buy The Nefarious Deeds of The Scurrilous Resurrection Men! on Bandcamp


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