American Dream by The Great Fraud

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice hard blues rock. I got some Skynyrd and Black Crowes influences on my radar. This is just stripped down,regular rock and roll. There is nothing fancy here or nothing particularly complex about the music. And that is perfectly fine. This is rock and roll, not Igor Stravinsky. 

American Dream (Track 2) falls in the vein of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The vocal cadence, the beat, and the screaming guitars have a Skynyrd flare all over it. 

Just wait until those guitars bust in. Pure controlled energy. It is pretty evident that these guys play hard when they are out live. Just from this recording, these guys only know one way to play, and that is at 120%. Leave it all on the stage. 

This collection is 15 songs and all of the songs are quite good. It’s All Over Now (Track 15) is the closing track and it is a good one to end with. Not necessarily a happy song, but very poignant and retrospective.

It’s sounds like it would if Dire Straits ever did a western song. If you are in a sour mood, probably not a good song to listen to. 

This is a really good collection of music. The Great fraud know rock and roll and they play it the way it is supposed to be played loud and raucous. This is a great part CD (except for the last song. Either way is is a great album and demands to be heard. 

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