Tandem Unicycle (Self Titled)

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice collection of 13 catchy tunes. The songs are quite varied, but a common theme runs through them. the common theme is an uplifting quality to the songs. I would classify this as blues based rock. Another thing that struck me quite early is the precision of the playing. Extremely free flowing and seems to be played effortlessly. That is the caliber of musician we are speaking about here. Very skillful playing and singing.

You’ve got Mark Rosenberg (Guitar, Bass, Main Vox), Colin Haase (Guitar, Bass, Backing Vox), Kurt Hessian (Guitar, Bass), and Jon Royer (Drums). Three of the guys are multi instrumentalists. Only one drummer? Come on fellas! I kid, I kid. These guys clearly know their way around a song. 

Tandem Unicycle lists Guns N’ Roses as one of their influences and that styling can be heard on Pay My Dues (Track 2). This song has that late 80s metal feel to it. When artists were getting all sentimental and playing those crossover songs somewhere between a barn burner and a ballad. Pay my Dues sounds really good, oh I also hear a little Alice In Chains. 

Alright, this album isn’t exactly country. But it has plenty of twang throughout. It is just plain good music. it deserves to be heard and I want to do my part. Give the Unicycle a ride…..It will be a good ride.

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