Bleed 432 EP by Roddan

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Some really seriously good Americana music. Incredible song writing and composition by Scott Roddan, the driving force behind Roddan and Bleed 432. Roddan is the fulcrum of this project, but nothing gets done alone. It truly does take a village. In this case, it is a small village, but a village nonetheless. Roddan’s village consists of Gina Chavez, who sings absolutely stellar backing vocals. Like peanut butter and jelly. Two things together that actually create something completely elevated and unique. In this case, one plus one may equal three or four. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Credit is also due to Phoebe Hunt on fiddle and vocals, Michael Ramos on keys, Phil Bass on percussion and vocals, and Rick del Castillo on guitar, bass, keys, and vocals who really makes these songs shine like a flawless diamond. No song exemplifies these components better than the opening track, Never Meant To Be. This song totally gives me chills. It touches me at the deepest levels possible. 

Bleed (Track 3) is another song that gets the maximum out of the backing vocals and fiddle to create another song steeped in perfection:

Blind ambition plants an ugly seed, that’s why, why we bleed
Can’t you see, oh can’t you see
It’s your love that makes me bleed
Like a razor, to my skin, knife to my heart
That’s the hurting part
Can’t you see, oh can’t you see
It’s your love, that makes me bleed
That’s why, why we bleed, that’s why, why we bleed, 
That’s why, why we bleed…

Very heartfelt, and poignant lyrics that really explain the push and pull about being in love. It is the perfect description of how love is comprised of both pleasure and pain. It is complex and not easy to put down on paper, but Roddan does it successfully. 

This is a very heavy and impactful collection of music. Scott Roddan is as good as a songwriter and composer as it gets. He definitely has the chops to make it on the big stage. Give this one a serious listen and you surely will agree.

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