The Last Honky Tonk In Town by Scott Southworth

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Pure honky tonk gold. Fifty percent honk, and fifty percent tonk. And outlaw country, let’s not forget outlaw country. This feller plays country music like the classics, Jones, Cash, and Jennings. Speaking of Jones, I hear Mr. Jones on more than a couple of tracks on The Last Honky Tonk In Town. That is the highest compliment there is.

Dying As Fast As I Can (Track 3) is one of the songs that conjures up memories of George Jones. This song is absolutely brilliant. It is a song about doing things that are not good for a body. Things that we do to kill ourselves slowly such as drinking, drugging, and smoking. The vocals and music are as authentic as it gets. The words and pedal steel on this number makes me very emotional. I need one more listen….

The more I listen to this album, the more I absolutely fucking love it! This is what I hope to hear whenever I hear a “country” album for the first time. O usually end up disappointed, but not this time! This time, I was pleasantly surprised. 

There are two, count ’em two, whiskey songs. Normally you get one whiskey song on any outlaw country album. But wait, there’s more, indeed there is. For the low, low price of $9.99, you get two whiskey songs for the price of one. Whiskey In Heaven (Track 4) is a nice number about the contemplation of if there is whiskey in heaven. If not, Scott is going south, if ya know what I mean. We need a follow up song called Whiskey in Hades.

The other whiskey song is entitled Whiskey Bottle (Track 2). This is a soon to be classic song in the outlaw country circles. Some of my favorite songs are entitled Whiskey Bottle, so those are some big shoes to fill, fella. “Whiskey bottle, you’re my only friend tonight” is the battle cry of this number. How many times have you said “Whiskey bottle, you’re my only friend tonight’? More times than I care to remember.

Well, this is a truly must have for any serious outlaw country fan. This should become a classic, because it is that freakin’ good. No joke here. This one will sound good 10 years from now and so on….

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