Paper Doll Scissor Fight (Self Titled) EP

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

A really nice debut from this Cincinnati outfit. When I listen, I hear some similarities to a band I reviewed a couple of months ago, Girls On Grass (See review here). Also, I hear some elements from another Cincinnati band, The Heartless Bastards. This EP has that 90’s quirky alternative vibe that I enjoy immensely. It also has some twang and some country elements as well. Sara Tripp, the main vocalist, has good range and can go from sparse vocals to holding her notes. The spectrum from sparse to full is illustrated on Old Thoughts (Track 2) and Tree Climb (Track 7), respectively. This is not standard issue pop music. It is complex and a tad bit experimental.

Evidence of their experimental nature is the fact that they have a full time ukulele player in the band. Ben Isaacs shreds that ukulele and adds a haunting element to the tracks. The rhythm section for the group is Cyndi Stinson on drums and the upright bass playing of Mark Karapondo. Derek Stinson is the lone guitar player. When I see the last name “Stinson” and guitar, I immediately think Replacements. I really like this EP and eagerly await more material. Now the best part…. You can get for free on Amazon! So there is no excuse. Pick this up!


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