Cupid And The Devil by Ryan Cain & The Ables

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

What a breath of fresh air! Very traditional country and rockabilly style in the vein of Duane Eddy, Marty Robbins, and even some Jerry Lee Lewis. These guys don’t only play the music, they wear the traditional country garb as well. They not only play the part, they look the part. The total rockabilly package. And, they kick major ass. These guys can play their asses off and it sounds fantastic. Cupid And The Devil is not only the album title but a track on the album. It is a rockabilly tale with twang, almost haunting guitars. This music never goes out of style and Ryan Cain & The Ables execute perfectly. These guys can play fast and furious such as tracks like Keep The Change, Kill Devil Hillbilly and I Call Bullshit. They can also slow it down and play with sensitivity as evidenced on Selfie Of Your Heart, Tears Of Doom, and Talk To Me. If I have a honky tonk party or hootenanny, I want Ryan Cain & The Ables to be the soundtrack. Show ’em your support here.

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