Five In The Chamber EP by Bayou Bullets

Reviewed by Harry Kaplan

Very nice guitar driven, country influenced rock and roll. The first thought that struck me were the really nice guitar leads on this EP. It is a little heavy but not heavy enough to turn anyone away. Definitely fused with blues, rock, country, and a heavy helping of southern rock. It is high energy music that really makes me start bobbing my head. They also do a great job of slowing up the tempo at times to make a very interesting song with a lot of twists and turns. Ashton Proctor is the lead guitarist and he knows how to get every bit of mileage out of his instrument. Clearly, he has mad skills on the electric guitar.

The rest of the band are as follows: BJ Davidson on drums, Conner Graham on rhythm guitar and trumpet, and Ian Babin on bass. This is not a one man show, but a true collaboration where all players contribute to the final product. Nice heavy drumming and prominent bass is the glue that holds the music together.

Burn It Down (Track 3) is a great tune that really puts all of the band’s talents on display. It starts off with a pretty heavy bluesy guitar riff and some serious drums, then slows down to put emphasis on the great vocals. They really slow it down and get in a very nice groove where the bass parts are quite prominent. They really ratchet up the energy by the conclusion where it ends with some nice interplay between vocals and guitar.

The next number, White Lines, is a slower and less energetic number but is every bit as good as the other tracks. It is a power ballad about travelling a lot and missing the ones you love. Hence, the name White Lines. it really captures the bittersweet emotions of being on the road and not spending as much time at home as one would like. 

Five In The Chamber is a solid EP and should firmly establish Bayou Bullets on the music scene. Hopefully, this EP is foreshadowing of great things to come from these four fellas. Next time, I hope there at least ten in the chamber.

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